With over 500 damaged planes and a warehouse and hanger full of parts, J.W. Duff Aircraft Co. in sight of what was Stapleton International Airport’s old North-South runway, is one of the largest aircraft “salvage” yards in America.

Our company president, J.W. Duff and his crew retrievedamaged planes for insurance companies and airlines, buys them by a bidding process, and then sells the used parts at a substancial savings to the customer.

We have a two-level warehouse and over fifteen acres that conatin fuselages, wings, surfaces, props, engines, gears, wheels, tires, brakes, and other misc. parts.

J.W. Duff, a Denver native, entered the aircraft parts and salvage business in 1949 when he began to buy aircraft parts with his $1,250 sale of his beloved 1940 Ford convertible. He made do instead with a 1931 Ford Model A Coupe with a rumble seat.