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China Building Materials Group holds a special training class for the second lea

       January 16th -1 month 18 days, according to the SASAC "on notice" the spirit of the central enterprises and the SASAC directly under the authority of leading cadres to study and implement the party's nineteen work focused on rotation and group party "publicize and implement the spirit of nineteen work plan" plan, group Party committee organized to study and implement the party's nineteen spirit second special training of leading cadres. Group party secretary and chairman Song Zhiping for the training class, group party secretary, vice chairman Liu Zhijiang for the opening ceremony mobilization speech, group Party Secretary Sun Lishi presided over the opening ceremony and closing ceremony.

Song Zhiping has made a special report on the training class entitled "in-depth study and implementation of the nineteen major spirit to create a world - class building material enterprise with global competitiveness". He combined the study and carry out the thought of Xi Jinping's new socialist era Chinese, general secretary Xi Jinping important discussion on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and the construction of the party, put forward the Chinese characteristics of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideological guidance and grasp the overall direction of the enterprise, the implementation of the new concept of development, promote the group to achieve high quality development. He pointed out that to thoroughly understand the main social contradictions, development vision study and thoroughly understand the "two steps", to understand the socialist economy China characteristics thoroughly thought Xi Jinping new era, learn good grasp of state owned enterprise reform ideas, learn to understand requirements of Party building work of the new era. We must resolutely carry out the nineteen spirits of the party and create a world-class competitive building material enterprise with global competitiveness. We will achieve world-class in six aspects: innovation capability, profitability, management and control capability, global market competitiveness, brand awareness and corporate reputation. He proposed to speed up the reform of state-owned enterprises, stimulate the vitality of enterprises; to increase the pace of innovation, to enhance the development of power; to further promote the integration and optimization, improve the quality of enterprises; to plough "The Belt and Road, expand market space; to continue to do a good job of production and operation, improve the quality and efficiency. He stressed that we should strengthen the construction of the party in the new era group and provide a strong guarantee for building a world - class building material enterprise. To continue to promote the study and implementation of the party's nineteen spiritual work, the leadership of the party into corporate governance, strengthening the construction of grass-roots party organizations, Party building and create a strong cultural atmosphere, clear the implementation of leading cadres party responsibility KPI, play a good grass-roots party branches and Party members vanguard and exemplary role, continue to focus on the "pro" construction.

Liu Zhijiang at the opening mobilization speech pointed out that in 2018 on the occasion of the start, the Group owned backbone enterprise team members together to participate in the training, will be planning for the reform and development of enterprises, the implementation of the deployment of nineteen plays a role in guiding and pushing. He asked three points for the training class. First, we should strengthen awareness, strengthen consciousness, and participate in centralized training with a strong sense of political responsibility. Students should be aware of the high level of understanding the ideas and weapons, and learn scientific methods, concentrate on learning, and ensure the effectiveness of the training. We should focus on two key, and to deepen understanding, through careful research to understand the spiritual essence. Study and implement the spirit of nineteen, to study and thoroughly understand do work hard, closely related to the reform and development of enterprises and the actual construction, strengthen the play and promote the work. Three we should improve the style of study and connect with the reality, and ensure that the centralized training is really effective. We should learn from each other, think and study at the same time, concentrate our minds and improve together, and transform the nineteen major achievements of the party into a powerful driving force for the development of enterprises.

The opening ceremony was presided over the Sun Li pointed out, hope that through this training, can have the new harvest in the study of nineteen spirit, a new contribution to the construction of the world first-class enterprise, to comprehensively strengthen party building as a new. Sun Li really affirmed the effect of training. She pointed out that, through the study, participants in the ideological characteristics of a new era of socialist Chinese Xi Jinping a new understanding and improve, for the development of strategic group have a clear understanding, to further improve the nineteen guidance of the spirit of the work of the unit of consciousness and actions, to learn from each other and common purpose to improve. She stressed that, according to the "five full coverage requirements, continue to promote the study and implementation of the party's nineteen spiritual work; to study and implement the spirit of the speech of Song Zhiping, to build a world-class building materials enterprises with global competitiveness; to strengthen the leadership of the party, to create a new situation in the work of Party building group.

The training course includes nineteen party constitution, Xi Jinping interpretation of a new era of socialist thought China characteristics and basic strategy, the macroeconomic situation, the supply side reform to promote the economic development and reform, new era of enterprise party construction courses, both the depth of interpretation, and the exchange of research, analysis of the existing situation, and task requirements. Everyone in the study to focus and heating, to deepen the students agreed that special training for everyone to truly learn good grasp of reality "to build a platform, to create the conditions for the nineteen spirit, to further build a strong belief base, complement the spirit of calcium, careful thought rudder, has inspired the world first-class construction building materials enterprises with the global competitiveness of the sense of mission and responsibility to gather up the reform and development of common power group.

During the training period, the Deputy Secretary of Sun Lishi also presided over the meeting and asked for advice on the annual democratic life meeting of the leading group and leading cadres.

More than 140 people, such as the leading group members of the group's backbone enterprises, participated in the centralized training.