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The group led to the spirit of the basic point of contact teaching Party of nine

Since the nineteen convening of the Communist Party of China, the Party committee of China Building Material Group has taken the propaganda and implementation of the nineteen spirits of the party as the primary political task of the company. According to the arrangement, the group Party deployed in December 2017 nineteen, the spirit of thematic lectures and group leadership team members are the primary point of contact for teach Party, guiding enterprises to the spirit of the nineteen as a guide to promote the reform and development, transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Zhang Hai to the north, North Institute Limited teaching thematic lectures

Zhang Hai listened to the enterprise study and implementation of the party's nineteen spirit report, inspected the advanced composite material production line, and the exchange line of Party members and cadres and employees for the enterprise middle-level cadres, Party branch and branch secretary of the spirit of the party's nineteen big lecture topic lectures. He pointed out that in preaching, nineteen report rich connotation, the goal is clear, the thought is very strong, embodies the spirit of innovation, put forward many new ideas and new judgment, clear arrangement the fundamental task of the party and the country's future development strategy, put forward with global, strategic and forward-looking programme of action. He stressed that learning to publicize and carry out the nineteen spirit of the party is the primary political task of the current and the future period of the enterprise, and we should focus on two aspects. One is the new tasks and new requirements with the new era of the party faces, to "learn, comprehend, make real efforts, profoundly understand and grasp the essence and the essence of the nineteen report, to grasp the six major conclusion good report"". The two is to learn theory with practical and ideological work in practice, the actual situation and the enterprise current closely linked, focusing on the reality, thought in place, put into action more firmly, the Party Central Committee's decision to deploy and group Party decision instructions into specific tasks and measures. He also stressed that the North North Institute, Limited is a group of three main business areas, according to the study and carry out the strategic target of the development of the spirit of the nineteen requirements and group, planning for future work, establish new thinking, seek new strategies and achieve new development.

Xu guard to Taishan glass taught thematic lectures

In December 12th, the group Party committee, the chief accountant to guard Xu spirit of primary point of contact - Taishan fiberglass teach Party nineteen thematic lectures.

Xu guards around thoroughly implement the nineteen spirit, a profound understanding of Xi Jinping's thought from the new era of China socialist spiritual essence and the scientific connotation of the spirit; accurately grasp the study and implementation of the spirit of the nineteen requirements and deployment instructions; nineteen major efforts to promote the spirit of learning and implementing the three aspects, strive to open up a new situation of enterprise reform and development the party building work carried out a comprehensive profound explanation. She pointed out that to deeply understand the essence of Xi Jinping's thought of socialist China era, is to deeply understand the grasp of the scientific theory system, a new era of socialist thought of Xi Jinping China background, connotation, practice requirements and essential characteristics, adhere to learn, comprehend, to do work hard, in accordance with the "ten profound understand" and "six focus", "five place", "five full coverage requirement, to study and implement. She combined with the actual development of Taishan fiberglass, made in recent years to carry out the production and management, technology development, intelligent manufacturing and other aspects of the performance and the spirit of the nineteen learning publicizing activities fully affirmed. She also combined with the new situation facing the development of the group, introduced the group's development strategy, the innovation ability, industry scale and profitability, management level, the global market competition, brand awareness, reputation and character of the nine aspects of requirements, hope that Taishan can put the glass fiber to study and implement the spirit of the party's nineteen to implement all aspects of reform and development, the work of Party building and production management integration, to promote the reform and development of enterprises, to become the group construction and make due contributions to a globally competitive world-class building materials industry group.

Sun Lishi to the China building materials jetion science and Technology Co Ltd on thematic lectures

In December 4th, the group deputy party secretary Sun Lishi to the grassroots point of contact - building materials jetion science and Technology Co Ltd research work of Party building and nineteen special lectures teach Party spirit.

Sun Lishi visited the exhibition hall by Xin Technology and automation production workshop, a detailed understanding of the work of jetion science and technology strategic planning, production and operation, heard a report on the work of Party building, and the combination of theory and Practice for the grass-roots party members and cadres have a spirit of nineteen vivid thematic lectures. At the meeting, she conveyed the China building materials group Party committee to study and implement the spirit of nineteen requirements, and analyzes the four aspects of learning the spirit of the party's Nineteen: one is to deeply understand the obtained achievement since eighteen, firm four confidence; two is to seriously study and deeply understand the new thought of Xi Jinping Chinese era of socialism, and conscientiously strengthen the "Four Consciousness", with "eight clear, fourteen adhere to the" as the program guide thought and action; three is a deep understanding of the main social contradictions transformation, the implementation of the new concept of development, adhere to innovation driven, deepening reform and opening up, enhance the vitality of development; four is the general requirements grasp the new era of Party Building